D-Day – Friday 15th July

Today is the day I arrive at hopewood. First stop Wallacia for one last cup of coffee and raisin toast at the Peppercorn Cafe (?). Nice log fire and country style furniture. Enough raisin toast for 4 people and margerine for 8-10. Coffee was good, company excellent…now off to the land of health and vitality.

Arrived about 10am filled in the paper work and unpacked then off to lunch from the smorgasboard. Hmmm the ratatouille looks good, and some brown rice, a bit of salad, followed by dried figs, pineapple and paw paw.

A relaxing swim, in the 30 Deg pool…more like a warm bath than a pool and then off for a visit with the naturopath…all set for the next few days with a mixture of meals and juices and lots of exercise and stretching….blood glucose 3.8 – very good.

Afternoon Juice was very red due to the beetroot and included carrot, celery and a hint of ginger…chin chin.

Yoga cancelled as Yogi is unable to arrive (ohhmmm 0hhmmmm). Next stop the dining room for a scrumptious dinner…specially prepared for me and it is steamed vegetables with a side of marinated tofu. Yum Yum.

Okay off to Tai Chi – An Ancient and Beneficial Martial Art – with Michael Lewchenko. Managed to master the moves and breath at the same time – excellent!

Relax with the jigsaw and then to bed. Off to a great start.

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