8 Jan 22: Water Water Everywhere……

Today is the day we get to go on a big outing! First, of course we have our lemon water and and a scrumptious breakfast including Apple Bake, which is like an apple porridge crossed with apple crumple – it got the tick of approval from Peter…in fact we had pumpkin soup for dinner which he also enjoyed so a great food day for him.

This is followed by a Promenade, including a quick call to the G, during which I do a few short laps between the gate and a little pile rocks a hundred or so metres down the track. Back at the lodge we learn some useful information about how to eat well when you are travelling (don’t go to Macca’s!), when you’re at work (hide the lolly bowl), and out to dinner (ditch the creamy sauces) also how to sneak in some exercise when your not expecting it! (take the stairs). I’ve only included the top tips – if you want more details please ask!

Some rest before lunch – Lentil Loaf and Scallop Potato (the healthy version) Yummo, we find room for the Raspberry Chia pudding. Then it’s off on our adventure. I get some additional exercise as I volunteer for the third row seat and get to do some gymnastics getting in and out of the care. Never the less I feel like the Queen as I have a trusty footman who folds down the seat in front and places a small step (just like the G’s) so that I can perform my double pike with three twists as I get in and out of the car. I get plenty of practice as we make 5 stops during the day!

First of all it’s Belmore Falls where we stop at a pre-falls lookout and see people actually swimming – omg the water is freezing, what are they thinking….but then I remember my heat pack and ice pack treatments. I guess it’s not so crazy. The falls are spectacular (the photos don’t really do them justice! there are adventurous souls who hike in along the valley and swim in the pools at the bottom…maybe when I was twenty!! now I am content to see them enjoying (I assume) the hydro powered spa. We travel to a vantage point opposite the falls to get a better view and walk along taking advantage of several lookouts along the way.

We drive through the bustling town of Robertson, and spot the big potato (and is that coffee I smell???) on our way to Carrington Falls. Swimming is popular at these falls as you can swim in the pools at the top (you have to be careful not to fall over as it is a long way down!). We walk along the top of the ridge to get some different views. I also take advantage of the long drop provided – which I must say is not as pleasant as the long drop of the water over the falls!

After an afternoon of bushwalking and waterfall spotting we head home, taking the time in Robertson for a demonstration of the foolproof approach to reverse parking by our skilled driver. We drive back past the big potato and fields of real potatoes in various stages of growth and harvest. Back home we  are greeted with some raspberry, strawberry and loganberry iced tea  with orange and mint…..so refreshing. After all that exercise we eagerly await dinner (the aforementioned pumpkin soup)!

We take a vote and decide on a movie for our Saturday night entertainment and ..drumroll .. it is Hidden Numbers. I won’t spoil it for those who have not seen but all in all an inspirational true story about three African American Women who breakthrough the barriers and become top mathematicians at NASA.


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