5 Jan 22: Fitzroy Falls (don’t worry he gets back up again)

We’re in the groove and ready for lemon water at 7am, breakfast is the orange Bircher muesli we made yesterday with some fruit salad. Peter braves the soy milk on muesli and manages to wrangle a slice of toast!! with not butter and “is honey” that puts a smile on his face. We set off to Promenade and when we hit the phone signal Peter noticed 7 messages…I didn’t take my phone so I’ve no idea whether I have any. I did a few short loops while he returned his calls and we were able to get hold of grandma!

We made it back just in time for a session on Eating the Rainbow…just don’t choke on the pot of gold! We had a few minutes to relax and then off to Fitzroy Falls in the spotting rain! We were dropped at the end of the West Rim Walk and walked back to the Info Centre via veral lookouts including Paine, the Grotto Twin Falls,

I saw the steep descent on part of the walk, and given that what goes down must come up I decided to take the 4wd option for that section (Twin Falls – East Lookout), the steps up from XX had already used up my hill climbing quota for the day.

Back at the ranch late for lunch and the rain started in earnest. It was Mediterranean themed with falafel, Hummus (we made yesterday), vege sticks and dips (beetroot hummus, basil pesto) lettuce tomato – all the trimmings.

I decided to do another Promenade with some fellow guests – getting my step count up to 13000ish, it’s getting to be a tradition. Pretty hectic afternoon of relaxation with a Spa – free play, a hot foot treatment (which gave me pink feet) and a foot massage. The rain is quite heavy now! I needed to rest to balance the relaxation (they go together those two!) so took a nap until dinner. One of Peter’s favourites bruschetta! followed by a green smoothie which was quite delicious…Peter even finished his!!

I barely stayed awake for the talk about stress and how it affects you and what to do about it…I just recall something about lowering expectations and only worrying about the important stuff, there were boats of different sizes and you have to know how big your boat is and don’t fill it with worries in case it sinks…..clearly I was in a fugue for that half hour…but it’s okay I can read it in the book (plus Peter took notes on this one!!

Sweet dreams. Step Total 13570 – a record!


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