2 Jan 22: Checking In – or is that Out???

The big day has arrived, a last minute trip to the Chemist for medication and RAT tests and we’re ready go. All too soon we leave the M7 at a rate of knotts and get stuck in holiday traffic around Menangle. With our 30min buffer all but gone we do some wending and weaving around the back of Bowral courtesy of our GPS (should have read the directions provided on the Cedarvale site!!). A few hairpin bends past Fitzroy Falls and we arrive at Cedarvale “ohmmmm”, feeling more relaxed already!

We check-in to Cedarvale and out of the rat race…the credit card barely felt a thing! We are in room 1 – which, very handily is closest to the drinks stand…peppermint tea here we come. A quick tour of the lodge and we find that joy of joys we are close to the Guest Laundry – Peter is in his element. The Gym, Spa Pool and Treatment rooms hold delights which I will save for later days…don’t want to burn out on the first blog.

We are treated to a 4WD tour of the property, which is predominately temperate rainforest and very hilly, though it is hot it is cool in the shade of the forest (also we have air conditioning in the car!). As well as the rainforest and magnificent Cedar trees we see the orchards and farm area, natural spring which powers the hydro and the solar farm…did I mention this place is literally off the grid?

Golden soup for dinner, it’s figuratively glistening in the pot. Some delicious home made crackers and spreads to accompany – highlights are the “Love your Heart Butter” – you won’t believe it’s not butter! Viva La Veggielike – you won’t believe it’s not Vegemite and the Basil Pesto – you won’t believe it’s not ‘not pesto’….

The evening is a relaxing blend of casual chit chat and informative talks – A focus on COVID. Peter and I are allowed to sit on the two seaters as we are sharing a room! Masks must be worn in shared areas. Tips for strengthening the immune system against COVID – eat well, get some sun (Vitamin and UVA), keep hydrated – with water and herb tea not coke or coffee!!!! make sure you get good sleep and plenty of fresh air.

Talking of sleep and fresh air – an early night is welcomed by all….sweet dreams

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