9 Jan 22: A Day of Rest?

Ahh Sunday, the day of rest right! wrong….lemon water is at 7am, followed by breakfast at 7:30. Chickpeas on toast go down a treat (minus the toast for me). I cleverly mash my linseed into some banana, prune, and strawberry, a finish with a cracker with not butter & vegemite.

Then back to bed right? wrong…its off for a Promenade. This one has a scientific purpose we are testing the hypothesis that I take shorter steps than Peter and so will take more than him over the same distance…I’m guessing 25-33% more. The results are in! it turns out I take 15-20% more on that walk! the steeper the hill the larger the difference in step numbers – clearly I shorten my steps to get up the slopes! Anyway that’s enough science for the rest day!

Back at the Hacienda we get stuck into the cooking class. In a team effort Peter & I create a tofu based vegetable quiche – which becomes the sunday lunch! accompanied by a pumpkinĀ  salad (including tofu feta). Dessert is thumbprint cookies (think jam drops) made by one of our colleagues.

We have some well earned rest after lunch and then take another promenade in an effort to wake us up! The afternoon is spent listening to the cricket and doing our homework so that all this great work is not undone.

The dinner bell rings and we meet the three new guests and enjoy some leek and potato soup, along with fruit and crackers for those who so desire. The newbies have their COVID talk and a few of us retire to the gym, not to exercise but so that our chatting does not interrupt the presentation. As the clock strikes 8:45 we head to our rooms, some of us have a blog to write.

Sweet Dreams


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