Rainy Day – Thursday 21st July

Wake up to the sound of rain pattering on the roof and quickly jump up and get ready for the ‘morning constitutional’. After a brisk walk it’s back to breakfast, followed by a few pieces of jigsaw and out to the pool for a double wet aqua-aerobics. Pool was still 30 deg even with the rain!

Out of the pool and quick change for hydrotherapy and morning juice. Had to do a little ‘real work’ and got carried away nearly missed having “Fun with Dynabands” which turned out to be tough and fun. Worked up a great appetite just in time for the Tofu Patty and salad for lunch.

Still raining so the afternoon outing to Nepean Gorge is cancelled and Stretchersize is on instead. Must have over-stretched something on the upper right (neck, back, arm) so had to get hot packs and zen spray from the Healthcentre and rest until it’s time to visit the naturopath.

I’ve apparently being doing quite well, though my liver is still not behaving….very naughty liver. Maybe I should punish it with a nice bottle of red? Oh no red available it’s green veg and curry dahl! Dahls….

The rain provides quite a nice sound track to Yoga and Meditation and then I float to bed after a sweet goodnight with Peter and Lara.

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