Washing Day – Friday 22nd July

Early morning walk is not doing it for me so have to hit the cross –trainer to get the heart rate up. Morning Blood Sugar is 4.8 so not really shifting despite hardly any carbs…last “health and vitality breakfast” – my fellow diners are amused by my eating blueberries with a fork??? Is there another way?

Based on the smell emanating from my washing pile and the diminishing number of clean trackies etc in my draws I figure I’d better do some washing before my clothes walk home – even though it is still raining. Get a load of blacks in before breakfast and out again before aqua-aerobics…Get a few things in the dryer but find that most cannot be tumbled dry must make other arrangements (or pretend I hadn’t read the labels). Have to skip Boxercise because of increasing pain in right shoulder – will be seeing the Osteopath this afternoon for a quick checkup – so have plenty of time to remove wire draw unit from wardrobe and transform it into an excellent heater side clothes dryer…(photos to follow). Hanging now sorted so proceed with the ‘light’ wash….time flys so I am nearly late for basic stretching…whew these household chores really suck up the time!

Last meal of “health and vitality” is a salad and a ‘Hopewood Quiche’ not bad but due to a mix up I get the wrong one and have to leave the potato….nevermind. Back to hang out the whites – realise the bag stand will also need to be brought into service. Quick visit to the Osteopath who confirms that I have strained the Rhomboids, Tetroids, Triceps and several other geometric shaped muscles as well as pulled a tendon….exercise is very dangerous.

No time to sit around feeling sorry for myself need to race off to find out about the benefits of fasting – did you know that the longest fast ever was 382 days?…I thought not. Time for some carrot and tomato soup…no more special juice for me.

Need to rearrange the washing and turn the heater up – or else I will have damp patches…room is now a sauna. Want to avoid the humid air so back to the jigsaw until it is time for yoga. Have to modify some poses to account for sore arm but nail the meditation at the end…reeelaaaaaxxxxx.

My first meal from the smorgasbord and it is ……..green salad and vegetable frittata with a small (make that very small) amount of cashew nut salsa. Add a side of strawberry, spinach and walnut salad and life is good. No dessert.

Decide to skip Tai Chi for Chit Chat – which is pretty much the same thing – ? and then back to my room and get a football update from Peter and a quick chat to Lara.

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