Whoopsie Day – Tuesday 19th July

Whoopsie # 1 – slept in and missed the morning walk, was even too late for a Gym session. Whoopsie # 2 – Got up and raced straight to bathroom forgetting to fill the specimen jar left yesterday for that purpose….Okay take a deep breath and get dressed.

On way to get juice veer to the right to get around the linen cart and (Whoopsie # 3) trip over the arm chair. Juice has been delivered to my room as I was too late to collect it. Whoopsie # 4 – tried to make up for Whoopsie # 2 ended up with too small a sample to be of any benefit – but they still had to toss out the bag and container….

Oh well – drank juice and then headed off for breakfast. Strawberries instead of blueberries and stewed apple instead of yoghurt – variety is the spice of life!

Did a bit of the communal jigsaw (instead of basket weaving) then off to prepare for aqua-aerobics. Another good workout – pool was 34 Deg. Whoopsie # 5 (# 6 and #7) After the workout I slipped on someone else’s slippers, wrapped their towel around me and picked up their bath robe (in my defence they all look the same…and they were on ‘my’ seat!). Quickly provided fresh towel, returned slippers and bathrobe to the aggrieved guest (actually she had not yet noticed) and got the hell out of there.

Had a quick shower and changed into gym clothes ready for circuit training. Had to leave early to make it in time for next appointment and Whoopsie # 8 took sweat towel back to room instead of leaving in the gym.

Made it in time for Hydotherapy (towels on the liver again) and Whoopsie #9 took off bath robe and selected a cover towel when I was supposed to leave on the robe (apparently they thought I would remember the routine from yesterday…). Then at the end I didn’t realise that it was time to leave and laid there for 10 mins or so making me late for my appointment with the naturopath (Whoopsie # 10).

Didn’t have much to talk about because of Whoopsie # 2 – but did get good news in the form of ‘mostly no tofu’ for the next 2 days.

Feeling good, back to room to get dressed for lunch (you are not allowed to eat in your bath robe – phew avoided another whoopsie!). Salad included shredded squash, which is unusual and therefore rates a mention, with a side of mushroom frittata. Then the others started eating from the smorgasbord…very naughty. I headed back to my room to get ready for my massage and discovered Whoopsie # 11 – I had locked myself out!

The receptionist kindly mentioned that everyone does that at least once while they are here. Quick sprint to my room, quick change and make it in time for my Swedish Massage which is very relaxing. Then off to the last half of the weight management lecture and return my spare room key. Yayyy got through several hours without any Whoopsies things are looking good!!!

Time for a bit of relaxation (jigsaw, ukulele – can almost play Hallelujah (not sure if I can spell it though), and a small nap – very important.

Headed off to meditation thinking that the Whoopsies were over but realised that Whoopsie # 12 was that I had forgotten to collect my afternoon juice…oh well better late than never! So skulled my juice (which is not the preferred method) and made it to meditation only a few minutes late – which worked out okay as the (what do you call a leader of meditation? If a yoga leader is a Yogi it must be a Medi – anyway I digress) Medi was also late. We covered a fair bit of ground (figuratively speaking as with all the weight loss I am literally covering less ground than before) and I discovered I need to have more fun…so watch out for the water squirting rings, whoopi cushions etc.

Time to put some real shoes on and head of for dinner which is…..sweet and sour stir fried veg with a side of steamed veg (vegetable of note for its’ rarity is spinach). Think that it is time to quit while I’m ahead and decide to return to room and not leave for the rest of the night.

Whoopsie total for the day – 12


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