Moving Day – Monday 18th July

Well in terms of the Hopewood Open this is day three moving day – so I made the cut and am now moving through the field….starting with 30mins on the treadmill before paw paw and Blueberries for breakfast…couldn’t face the yoghurt so had to get some extra paw paw to wash down the lecithin and flaxseed….No rest for the wicked and it’s off to aqua aerobics….what a great class. Pool was 34 Deg (quite noice) and the trainer was focused on the aerobics part of aqua aerobics….so it was a great workout.

Time for a quick shower and off to hydrotherapy, this time no vibrating hot cabinet, it was hot and cold packs on the liver (well not directly on the liver of course)….time for the blood to get moving and get rid of any toxins. Placed on light duties for 30mins. Stretching is counted as light duties so drunk my juice (carrot, celery, chlorophyll and a hint of ginger) and hightailed it back to my room for a quick change and sprint to stretch class. The trainer kindly let me join late and then proceeded to get me into positions in preparation for the World Twister Championship – I’m just a golfer! Fully stretched ready for lunch! (how time flys).

Salad includes grated beetroot and carrot along with bean sprouts of various types, celery and rather a lot of lettuce…and then the tofu bake arrives….the flavour and texture are a bit different from the last one…so lunch was quite enjoyable. I might have been a bit tough on the tofu in my previous posts?

Tuned up the ukulele and had a bit of a session…then a couple of ginger teas while waiting for the naturopath…who advised that ketones up, PH down so fat is burning…so far so good. Swapped yoghurt for stewed apple and strawberries – excellent.

Back for a bit more practice on the Ukelele and now I’m all warmed up for dancercise! Well it was more er-size than dance…due to my multiple left feet. We covered all dance types so if they ask me to go on “Dancing With The Stars” I will know the basics (I won’t be able to do them but I’ll know them!).

Dinner was Shepherdless Pie…no meat and not sure if the topping was potato – must find out. The filling is a bean mix and was quite tasty, it was served with a side of steamed veg. The smorgasbord was calling but I showed great restraint and did not partake.

A short break and then back to the fitness room for a yoga session. It was the stretching Hatha Yoga – so relaxing that 2 out of 5 fell asleep during the relaxation…neither snored….btw I was not one of the two.

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