Rest Day – Sunday 17th July

Sunday is the day of rest so I got to sleep in until 7:30 and then off to drink some lemon juice (with water) and to “Salute the Day”. After apologising for having to run out of the previous days yoga class I got to have a one-on-one class. The Yoga Instructor even provided a rebok step so that I was tall enough to place my foot on the windowsill for one of the stretches – they are so nice here!

Finished “saluting the day” in time for Paw Paw and Blueberries followed by Yoghurt, Lecithin & Flaxseed. Next activity “Mandala for Meditation” was very relaxing and another one-on-one. If I could get the uploading of images sorted out you would be able to see what excellent work I produced.

Different juice for morning tea…it was orangey green due to the carrot and celery…not a bad mix. Blood Sugar 4.7 – very good again.

Robijn (pronounced Robina) must have been getting a bit sick of the sight of me by the time I had arrived at the “Boosting Energy” class…at least this time there was another person in the class (Robijn also teaches yoga and mandala’s). Feeling very energised I raced off to lunch – salad with a slice of Cashew Loaf – best meal yet.

After giving lunch sometime to settle it was back to the pool for aqua-aerobics and then a quick shower and down to the river and back for a bit of a bush walk. Of course the river (Nepean) is not up to the beauty of theMurraybut it was ok!!

Nearly forgot to collect the juice (Beetroot etc) but made it in time and also reminisced with the night staff about our previous nights escapades – apparently she had considered bring the ‘kidney dish’ down with her as she thought it “could go either way” but decided against it incase the sight of it gave me ideas!

On a cheerier note the laughing class gave all my laughing muscles a workout…and staved off the feelings of hunger that appeared to have arrived since one of the fellows leaving mentioned he was going to have some chocolate when he got home….mmmm can someone email me some chocolate…Please!

Guess what was for dinner???…tofu and vegetables….while the others got to have onion & almond tart….Lucky I like tofu…but for how much longer…..Hope they don’t serve it for breakfast.

Ended the Hopewood part of the day with a talk from Roger French about having a healthy lifestyle…bought the book…now have to read it. Will let you know how that turns out. After that I enjoyed a beautiful Euphonium concert by the very talented Lara. There were many old favourites, a pop song, some singing and even a guessing competition – where I guessed 2 out 3. What a great way to end the day.


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